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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 14, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. white house showdown debt negotiations turning nasty. republicans claim president obama stormed out of a meeting when talks went down after a fourth straight day. live on the greatest growing battle between the president and the gop. . says she will make an announcement in the next few weeks about whether or not weather she'll run for the white house. tea party favorite michele bachmann advances as the latest favorite in iowa. and the u.s. soccer team
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goes to france for the first time in france as they get prepared to bring home a title, this is "early" today thursday, july 14th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >> good thursday morning to you. i'm erica hill. nice to have you with us. >> i'm chris wragge. there's been another development in britain's phone hacking scandal. a new arrest a man said to be former editor of "news of the world" as pressure groiz on rupert murdoch to testify in london and possibly washington. new development every day. television deal with bsky b looks like it's -- >> out. >> -- a thing of the past. with time going out, the
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president abruptly walked out of wednesday's meeting according to republicans. nancy cordes joins us live from capitol hill with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. it appears that patience is wearing thin in the room where the president is meeting at the white house with eight top congressional leaders. both sides accuse the other of moving the goal posts, of failing to lead and now it appears the president has had enough. they may have been all smiles at the start of the meeting but tensions flaired after house majority leader eric cantor republican from virginia repeatedly proposed a series of short term extensions of the debt limit if a larger deal proved unattainable. "i said i was willing to come off my insistence that there was one vote," cantor told reporters afterwards "so i asked the president would that be something that he would consider. well that's when he got very agitated seemingly and said that he has sat here long enough and that no other president, ronald reagan wouldn't sit here like this and that he's reached a
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point that something's got to give." cantor said the president shoved back his chair and walked out, a description democrats and the white house dispute. when cantor tried to argue for a third time about doing a short term deal he was shut down and sat ashen faced with a lump in his throat said a democratic aide. the president finished the meeting by speaking for several minutes about how he would not be deterred in doing what is best for the country. democrats contend the two sides are actually making progress despite the acrimony. democrats still want to eliminate certain tax deductions for the wealthy while republicans want cuts equal to or greater than the $2.5 billion debt limit on the table. moody's warned it is putting american's triple "a" bond rating under review. ben bernanke warned --
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>> there would have to be cuts in social security medicare military pay or some combination of those. >> reporter: the president and congressional leaders are going to go back at it today, sit down again and talk and the president we're told has given them until friday to try and define the contours of a larger deal f they can't reach that deal by then he has told them they need to drill down and figure out what they can achieve. >> another deadline cbs's nancy cordes thank you. joining us is cbs senior white house correspondent bill plante. what are those closest to the president saying about what happened in that room. >> reporter: good morning, the democrats familiar with the debt negotiation, as they prefer to be called around here say cantor's account is completely overblown. they say people in the room say that mr. obama told the leaders "enough's enough with delay in refusal to compromise. let's stop the postures and politicaling and catering to the
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political base. stop compromising. he said would ronaldnot yield on this. after those exchanges or some version of them the president pushed back his chair and left the room saying "i'll see you tomorrow" but according to democrats who were in the room he did not storm out. before he left as nancy said the president told them that they've got until tomorrow friday to figure this out, or else something has to be done. now all of this drama is a huge distraction, of course in today's meeting they're supposed to talk about the possible payroll tax cut and enforcement mechanisms for cutting spending so one source says that if they can actually make a little progress on that they will be closer to a deal. chris? >> all right, cbs's bill plante at the white house this morning, thank you. here's erica. >> failure to reach a deal on raising the debt limit could greatly affect the average american. rebecca jarvis is with us with
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more on this impact and we've heard a lot about potential impact on things like social security checks, disability in veterans disability. how credible is that threat or that risk depending on how you look at it that these checks will not go in the mail on august 3rd? >> the threat and the risk that exists here is significant if you look at how much money is available, because the amount of money available on august 3rd, if the debt limit isn't increased is less than the amount needed to cover all of the obligations of the united states government. the constitution says we have to pay our debts first. we have to make good on those in the first place, but in addition to that there are obviously obligations to senior citizens with social security, there are obligations to veterans and there are not enough money to feed everyone. there could be enough money for example to send out the 29 million social security checks but someone else would have to lose in order for social security recipients to gain. >> that's something people at home can relate to when you only
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have a certain amount of money and doesn't cover all of your debts. as the government picks and chooses which bills it would pay there is also a trust fund isn't there, for social security? >> there is this $2.6 trillion trust fund that we're often told about where social security is safe it's in this lock box. the reality is that lock box contains debt. it contains treasuries and those treasuries have to be converted to cash. it's not just cash that they can take out so the issue is you don't just go in and dip into that lock box and take the money out and pay social security recipients. there are also those who believe some critics believe there is no actual treasuries in that lock box either. >> meaning? >> meaning that the obligation that the government says it has on hand doesn't actually exist, that they don't have the capital to fulfill it. however there is disagreement over that point, big disagreement over that point. >> the other thing we'll be looking at is of course whether or not there will be issue with the credit rating.
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we'll talk about that. rebecca thanks. chris? >> thank you. there is news of another arrest in the widening phone hacking scandal in britain. rupert murdoch is being pressured to appear before lawmakers in london and washington. dana lewis is in london good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're hearing a ninth person has been arrested in the phone hacking scandal, the former executive editor of the "news of the world," but the late breaking news here this morning is the british government committee has just issued a summons for rupert and james murdoch to appear before them to answer questions about what they knew in the phone hacking scandal but legally there is a serious question over whether they can be compelled to appear. damage control in high gear rupert murdoch and son james in london trying to find a way to put out the fire. news corp shut out "nut of the world" withdrawn the bid for
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bskyb television but the scandal won't go away. politicians aimed to get murdoch and rebekah brooks to appear before parliamentary committee which recently grilled senior police officials over the "news of the world" phone hacking controversy. david cameron told parliament "if you own media in this country you should be able to called under oath. "former prime minister gordon brown joined the chorus of angry parliamentary railing. >> from the gutter to the sewers, the tragedy, mr. speaker, is that they let the rats out of the sewers. >> and there are questions for murdoch to answer in the u.s. a growing number of senators are calling for news corp withholdings who include fox news and the "wall street journal" to determine if american laws were broken there are reports that news corp tried
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to hack into the phones of the victims of 9/11. >> news corp asked into the enters of a book by piers morgan. >> he was a long time employee of murdoch's "news of the world" and "the daily mirror" which is also investigated about phone hacks, he wrote about the practice of phone hacking in his memoirs published in 2005 and politicians are suggesting he should appear and tell them what he knew. >> dana lewis, thanks good to talk with you. like we mentioned each and every day new development. >> i don't think we're done yet. that's going to continue. >> there is so much more yet to be uncovered. >> before we get to the inquiries as they say. jeff glor with the other headlines. >> good morning to you and everyone at home. in afghanistan a suicide bomber attacked a memorial
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service for the president of his half brother. four people were killed including a muslim cleric and a young child. the bomber concealed explosives in his turban. officials for mumbai india, a bomber killed at least 17 people, among the targets the city opera house and a popular marketplace. no one has claimed responsibility yet. pakistani militants killed 166 people in a larger attack three years ago. in libya, it's been tough going for rebel fighter this is week trying to close in on tripoli, and secretary of state hillary clinton will be in turkey today for a meeting on nato's air campaign. cbs news correspondent mark phillips reports from western libya. >> reporter: the situation has changed again this morning, these are rebel fighters have retaken the town of qualesh.
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yesterday afternoon and through the evening though the rebel forces came back and have driven the gadhafi forces about four miles or so down the road that way. one difference today is you can't hear it right now but a few minutes ago the sound of jets in the air presumably nato air cover. this is the fringe of the area that the rebels control, about 100 mile strip that runs from here back toward the tunisian border. the issue for them now is whether to push forward to the town of geryan a major crossroads which would open up the route to tripoli. the real question though is whether these guys are prepared to make that kind of move and the indications now in terms of weapons and control and tactics is that they aren't. mark phillips cbs news in qualesh, libya. the story that horrified parents in new york but around
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the country. the murder of 8-year-old leiby kletzky kletzky. the first time his parents let him walk alone. he apparently stopped to ask levi aaronron for directions. >> there's no indication that the victim was known to the suspect previously. it was just happenstance and a terrible fate for this young boy. >> new york police used surveillance video to track down leads and eventually got to aron's apartment. aron has given them a confession now. 13 minutes past the hour. guys one of those just awful, awful stories that we've been talking about here. >> it is and we were at the playground yesterday, all any parent could talk about and the
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fact that they tried this did the walk with the parents, showed leiby where he needed to go they did everything they could. >> 8-year-old kid got lost you could trust adults to ask something as simple as directions. >> truly a small town everyone knows everyone. >> you never know who you can trust. it's dominated the headlines in support. >> incredible amount of support for that family. marysol castro is standing by with a check of the weather. >> good morning, everyone. the northwest is cool and breezy. the southwest patchy fog. the northeast is dry and gorgeous. enjoy is while it lasts. the southeast, hazy hot and humid. dallas triple digits and above.
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tulsa above average for most of the month of july. it stays like this at least through the middle of next week. the area of severe weather third day in a row for the rockies to see one to three inches of rain gusty winds, >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. over to chris and erica. >> thanks for the nice weather in the northeast. >> good weather, way to go mary. still ahead the u.s. women's
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soccer team on the hunt for another world cup title after beating france in the semifinals on wednesday. >> talk about a way to go. just ahead a look at their amazing run as the ladies prepare to bring home the championship for the first time in 12 years. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> usa! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] say hello to the new mango pineapple real fruit smoothies from mccafé, bursting with fresh flavors and blended with creamy low-fat yogurt. the simple joy of exotic refreshment. ♪ ♪
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i'm always connected to live games, and my favorite espn shows. the only predicament is: deciding what to put on the big boy van gundy! ha ha the new watch espn app the espn networks live on your phone and tablet soccer mania has taken hold after the u.s. women's team advanced to the world cup finals. they're inspiring a next generation of soccer players. mark strassmann has the story. >> the united states has the lead! >> reporter: late in the game's second half once again, team usa's heroics came from the head and heart of abby wambach. >> abby wambach again!
7:20 am
usa ahead! usa heading to the world cup finals! zblm war >> reporter: wambach's 12th goal of her career put them ahead for good. >> we have a lot of friends and family here, i know we have a lot of friends and family back home that are watching that are supporting us. and truth be told these wins we can't do it alone. we know that a whole nation is cheering us on. we believe in ourselves, we're in the time. i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: in atlanta and across america fans of team usa watched and cheered. suddenly women's soccer is classic again. >> i was thinking how much spirit they have and how much they want to win because they always manage to find the strength to come back. >> reporter: for u.s. women the first world cup final since 1999 when they won it all, in a penalty kick shoot-out, mia hamm
7:21 am
and the american women beat the chinese and a celebrating brandy chastain became a sports image for women among the ages. it sparked an interest in girls playing soccer. this year's team hopes for one more victory celebration, after they play japan in sunday's final. mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. >> well, they're so close. >> i know. >> so close. >> they have this team has the best attitude and they were saying this after the game yesterday, the match, look we just go in there thinking and knowing we're going to win. that's our attitude that's how we go in and don't say it in an arrogant way, they say it in the best show of confidence you could have. >> sweden they were knocked off by japan. another great story the japanese team dealing with a whole lot in that country so it's going to be an inspirational matchup. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> this portion of "the early
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tri-cup it is a gorgeous get up and go, and if you're about to go into work or summer school, sharon will have traffic for you. >> i just pray the labor day weekend when the irl is in town, the weather is like this. >> yeah. >> what a great day. take a look at the forecast. it's 10 degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning, going for a high of 85. sunny, not as hot with lower humidity. now over to sharon in traffic control. good morning. >> this morning's commute a little quieter than normal. just a few very minor issues.
7:26 am
one of them is on 95, a medical call on the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway. also watch for that wreck still there at mccormick road, police are directing traffic there. otherwise just some very minor delays as you approach the beltway on 95 south. there's a look at your drive times and speeds on the beltway. there's a live look at the west side there. back over to you. >> thank you very much. new information has come to light about the abduction of an 8-year-old earlier this week. >> reporter: investigators used this cell phone to track down one of the suspects. on monday night, 8-year-old derrick brown was snatched outside his home and kept nan abandoned house overnight. charging documents show that a ransom call was made and police
7:27 am
tracked the signal to the man's home. the documents also revealed that taylor was likely the mastermind behind the scene but he's on the loose. the boy was found safe tuesday morning. >> an accident in northeast baltimore city has claimed the life of a toddler. it happened last night. the 2-year-old girl was thrown from the car when it crashed into a tree. in mosquito, 20 people woke up this time yesterday to find their cars vandalized in silver spring. tires slashed and graffiti spray painted on cars and street signs. if the vandals are caught and convicted of a hate crime, they face up to 10 years in prison. today plans for a new philips restaurant in the inner harbor will be officially revealed. it will be at the power plant. it's moving in to the spot left vacant when the espnzone closed last summer. the city's urban design and architectural review board will
7:28 am
look over the changes. up next, one win away from the world cup. hear from two of america's biggest soccer stars. and michele bachman seems to be on top of the g.o.p. race,
7:29 am
7:30 am
;> i love this story, great story and some people rallying behind the ladies. we'll have more ahead as chris mentioned. jeff glor at the news desk with another look at the top headlines on this thursday. >> several loud yells yesterday,
7:31 am
what's happening? >> they scored. >> good stuff. good morning, everyone the white house talks resumed at a time when it is running out. intense reactions between president obama and eric cantor especially. the president reportedly told republicans, enough is enough. moody's ever service is considering lowering the u.s. credit rating. how does a paralyzed government effects people? two weeks into minnesota's shutdown, beer drinkers are feeling the pinch. miller-coors may disappear from bars and stores because sales licenses expired last month and the state workers who handle license renewals are laid off. here in new york a repeat performance at david letterman's studio last night. just before 1:00 in the morning a man smashed several panes of glass on the ed sullivan
7:32 am
theater. a similar incident involving a different person this past sunday, this time a security guard held that man until police arrive good morning. this afternoon with a hot temperature right around 85 degrees. humidity just not even a factor. not even a player. endle spring-like breeze to be honest. 60 tonight. tomorrow a redo turning to politics, sarah palin set a date to announce whether she'll run from the white house. michele bachmann is running and gaining momentum becoming a threat to front-runner mitt
7:33 am
romney. jan crawford joins us from washington. good morning. >> minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann has gotten mixed reviews. her stand on the debt ceiling is criticized for blocking a possible deal. outside of washington voters are liking what they see. >> president obama is holding the full faith and credit of the united states hostage so that he can continue his spending spree. hi, everybody! >> reporter: challenging the president on the debt ceiling debate michele bachmann is the candidate on the rise. recent polls show she's leading mitt romney in iowa the latest release wednesday of likely iowa caucus goers has her with a 13 point edge 29% to romney's 16% and she's resonating with voters across the country, moving up eight points and ahead of sarah palin in the latest poll of republican voters nationwide and into second place behind romney. that's more than double what she was polling last month before
7:34 am
her strong performance in the new hampshire debate. but her new prominence also is bringing tough scrutiny. critics have challenged many of her assertions. >> we must make a bold choice. >> reporter: this week she was hit with criticism she's anti-gay and therapist at her husband's counseling practice tried to help make gay clients go straight. her husband denies those reports and bachmann is keeping her focus on key political issues like spending cuts. for months she's made clear where she stands on the debt ceiling. highlighting in her campaign ads. >> i will not vote to increase the debt ceiling. >> reporter: bachmann insists there's no need to increase the debt ceiling and says president obama is exaggerating the risk of a default. >> we cannot go on scaring the american people. we need to be truthful and i call on the president and the treasury secretary to tell the truth to the american people.
7:35 am
>> reporter: sarah palin has been watching this from the side lines but last night she told fox's sean hannity she'll make a decision by august. >> i would offer myself in the name of service knowing confidently that i have those common sense fiscally conservative pro private sector policy experience and ideas that can be put to good work for this country. >> reporter: now if palin were to get in that obviously could really slow down bachmann's rise. if palin gets in erica that could change in i'm not talking about moving pieces around on the chess board, that would turn the chess board completely upside down. we'll know soon enough. >> yes we will. we bring in cbs news political analyst john dickerson. good to have you with us this morning. quickly when it comes to sarah palin she said she's going to say something soon, probably august. do you think she's made up her mind at this point? >> it's hard to know with sarah palin. we have the periodic moments
7:36 am
where she disappears for a little while and comes back on the scene. she's on the cover of "newsweek" magazine. she's hinting and flirting seems like she's reasserting herself in the moment when michele bachmann is on the rise and in the debt negotiations so she looks like she's doing something. >> michelle bamichellebachmann is in the race, seeing a rise in iowa. what is giving her this momentum, john? >> we always knew there would be two primaries in the republican primary, in the establishment, mitt romney is ahead and the anti-romney candidate, somebody else who represents the kind of core conservatives, the movement conservatives and that's the group that michele bachmann is at the head of and speaks for so she is rising up in that group, they like what she's saying. they used to say you can't run
7:37 am
as a politician from washington but she's using that as her strength. she's saying i'm in washington fighting the establishment and that's working well for her. >> jan, rick perry could decide by labor day whether or not he's jumping in. what is he waiting on? >> he's waiting on the end of the legislative session, now had minor back surgery and also going to see how things play out the rest of the month going into that straw poll in iowa in the middle of august but my sources say that he is going to get in this race obviously that will have a huge impact on bachmann and other people who as john says are trying to be that alternative to mitt romney so he would really shake things up if he gets in. it will be interesting to see what voters say about the candidates. when i was in iowa and here's what's remarkable about michele bachmann. over and over and over people said to me she's so genuine, she's so real. there's something about her that comes across as this authentic, real person and voters really feel like they can relate to
7:38 am
that. she speaks for them. >> so john how would that translate on a national level? >> well this is the challenge for michele bachmann is that awe authenticity in iowa key state for her, born there that translates well for her in her constituent but in other states she needs to find a way to be authentic and support a specific portion of the party but show she can play on the national level. is she a contender? how would she look against barack obama, how do people see her in the oval office. at the moment she's a force but the question is is she is a contender. >> and with rick perry perhaps jumping in could shake things up. anybody else that either one of you have heard of who may be jumping in besides palin and perry at this point? >> erica everyone's been throwing out names for mud because people think the field is rather week. we're seeing bachmann picking up steam, hints that perry is going to get in the field is looking
7:39 am
settled. you hear things maybe new jersey governor chris christie is going to get in even though he's said 1,000 times he's not. john, what do you think? >> nobody else is out there, and even perry or palin, the challenge is getting in late is not easy. this is a difficult thing to run for president and it's a long hard slog and so these supercandidates who might sweep in out of the wings it ain't going to be so easy for them. >> thank you both. just ahead the u.s. soccer team on the quest for a second world cup championship. we're cheering them on all the way. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
7:40 am
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pair a texas toast half sandwich with fries and super salad every weekday. ♪ chili's lunch break combos ♪ as we have we been reporting the u.s. women's soccer team advanced to the world cup final wednesday, winning 3-1 yesterday. now they'll play japan for the championship sunday. joining us is national soccer hall of fame february in michelle akers, who played in 1999. >> good morning. >> they make it exciting.
7:43 am
>> oh my gosh i'm having heart attacks yes. >> what did you think of the game yesterday versus france, outplayed but still in the end 3-1 winners so they get to advance. >> i thought it was a great game. i'm not one who can just sit and watch tv or sports for very long but i was watching, the u.s. played great. they were intense and focused and they played that way for the whole 90 so i thought it was a great game. >> you've been in the spot before on the verge of a world cup title, how do you keep the nerves anxiety in check. pardon the expression but the waiting is the hardest part until sunday. >> it is but i think it's more like well the hay is in the barn and we're here just to play soccer and we've done everything we can to be the best team and we're going to go out there and do it, and that should be their focus and that was our focus, so i never really got nervous. i was just like come on bring it! let's play.
7:44 am
i'm ready. >> talk to me about amy wambach and her performance in the world cup. she's been dynamite. >> yeah, she's been huge for the u.s. she's a great target and even if she doesn't get the ball she takes a couple players out of the game for the defense on the other team so that leaves her teammates open. but she's been scoring the clutch goals and you know the last one in the quarterfinals is a beautiful serve, and then you know, off her head into the goal. she's been playing great. >> your thoughts on the brazil game. >> oh, boy. >> were you disgusted at the end, thinking okay they've lost, that's it, thisser' going erthey're going home? >> i was starting to think i'm going to have to watch the brazilians celebrate i can't take it. i was going to go outside, and pout about losing and then i heard the score from abby and i was like yes! so i came back n i was so happy i didn't leave. >> how about the team did they
7:45 am
have -- you watched closely obviously you're a hall of famer, do they have the same type of moxie your '99 team had? >> i'm seeing that and i don't think you can really tell until the situation comings up and it's either there or not. this team it's fun to watch because they've got the guts and that heart and that grit you know, grind it out and do whatever it takes to win. >> what does this now do when you know the results of what your team back in '99 did for women's soccer and for kids, heck most of the team it's playing right now was inspired by your team is this now going to lead to another generation of just, this is such a massive story here in the states. >> it's huge. the team i played for we won two world cups and an olympics and we got a good start for this team, so they're standing on our shoulders and now they're continuing that legacy with hopefully another world championship, so it really says a lot about the american players, american mentality and
7:46 am
what we're capable of here in the u.s. so hopefully that you know, sparks a lot of dreams for all these other little kids that are watching this team win and play well. >> your team had that brandy chastain moment that culminated that championship here. what could they possibly top that 12 years or 11 years later? >> don't challenge them that's what i say. >> that is great takeaway advice. thanks for everything you've done over the years. always fun to watch you and thanks for joining us here this morning >> thanks for having me. >> we'll be back. you're watching erl"the early show." we all want the best of both worlds. introducing all free clear oxi-active. a powerful new detergent without dyes or perfumes that helps get out your toughest dirt and stains. its added natural cleaning boosters help get your whole family's wash incredibly clean. tough on stains. gentle on skin. new all free clear oxi-active.
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7:50 am
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7:56 am
control. >> marty, not quite as perfect on the roads anymore. we have an accident on 95. take a look at the delay it is causing, 95 southbound, the backup runs from eastern avenue to fort mchenry tunnel because of an accident on 95 southbound blocking the right lane of the left two before the fort mchenry tunnel. the left tube gets by. you can take 895 and the harbor tunnel. a wreck also 95 southbound at keith avenue and we have a crash in randallstown on liberty road. also hunt valley, beaver dam road at mccormick road, police are directing traffic on the scene there. biggest issue is 95 southbound from eastern avenue to fort mchenry tunnel. the traffic report is brought to you by home paramount pest control. back over to you. we're learning more this morning about how city police received the kidnapping of an
7:57 am
eight-year-old in west baltimore this week. >> reporter: don, investigators say they used a cell phone to track down one of the suspects. on monday night eight-year-old derrick brown was snatched outside his home and kept in an abandoned house on lyndhurst street overnight. a ransom call was made and police tracked the signal to a home and s.w.a.t. teams moved in. the documents also reveal raheem taylor was likely the mastermind behind the scream but he is on the loose. the boy was found safe tuesday morning. a pasadena man is behind bars charged with murdering his life. anne arundel police believe 56-year-old steven sole stabbed his 38-year-old wife jill. she died at the hospital. a daughter was injured trying to break up the night. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. meet the first woman general to lead the marine corps in paris
7:58 am
island, she is from
7:59 am
8:00 am
pretty much a given, all you have to do is hear about l.a. traffic and you pretty much know how awful it can be. you ain't seen nothing yet. tomorrow they're going to shut down the 405, one of the city's busiest freeh way its. freeways. people are predict inging
8:01 am
carmageddon. we'll bring you the latest. >> it should be michael bay's next movie. >> you know how bad that will be. >> it's the worst under normal circumstance circumstances. welcome back to "the early show," chris wragge with "the early show." along with erica hill. >> we'll keep it moving smoothly as we hand it off to jeff glor with the headlines. >> doing our best not to crash and burn. >> good morning guys. talks on the debt limit resume this morning with the deadlines. president obama told congressional leaders they must reach some sort of deal by tomorrow. bill plante has more on the negotiations which got very tense last night, bill? >> reporter: jeff, good morning, that's right, the tensest yet according to all sources but there are different versions of what happened inside that room. some republicans say that the president blew his top, but
8:02 am
democrats say that he simply took a firm stand. after the photo opp was over the smiles apparently dropped and the debate heated up. house minority leader eric cantor contends it ended with a veiled threat. "i said i was willing to come off my insistence that if there was one vote so i asked the president would that be something that he would consider. well that's when he got very agitated seemingly and said that he has sat there long enough and that no other president, ronald reagan wouldn't sit here like this and he's reached a point that something's got to give. eric don't call my bluff, i'm going to the american people with this." with that cantor says the president abruptly ended the meeting by shoving back his chair and storming out of the room. the white house disputes that account. it insists that mr. obama left on much better terms simply saying "enough's enough i'll see you tomorrow."
8:03 am
despite the drama the president and congressional leaders are meeting again today and every day if need be. others on capitol hill are not so open to negotiations. >> president obama quite lying. >> reporter: republican representative joe walsh accused the president of using scare tactics for political purposes. >> you know darned well if august 2nd comes and goes there's plenty of money to pay off our debt. >> reporter: moody's rating service disagrees. wednesday it warned with the deadline looming it was putting america's triple "a" bond rating under review. if there's any good news here it is at today's meeting scheduled for later this afternoon there are items on the agenda extending the payroll taxes and figuring out where to get more revenues so it's still possible more progress can be made. chris? >> bill, thank you very much. i'll take it here. in new york last night the funeral for murdered 8-year-old leiby kletzky, thousands turned
8:04 am
out here in brooklyn. delights i can disappeared after parents let him walk home from camp alone for the first time. a suspect levi aron was arrested after investigators found part of the boy's body in the freezer. >> it's extremely sad and you're right, it is extremely rare to have this as an outcome for a missing child, but as we said this is every parent's nightmare. we understand that. it makes this so so horrific. >> absolutely terrifying case. police say that aron, the suspect told them where to find the boy's remains. former first lady betty ford will be buried today in michigan. this morning long lines waited to file past her casket during the public viewing at the gerald ford museum in grand rapids. betty ford died friday at the age of 93 she'll be buried this afternoon right next to her
8:05 am
husband. it is four minutes past the hour now on this thursday it is thursday, correct, marysol castro? >> i believe it is. feels like a very long week but yes it is jeff. good morning to everyone at home. we want to talk about the southern plains and the southeast. there have been areas that have seen moderate improvement. tucson and roswell have seen improvement over the last couple of weeks, macon and miami as well. the one area of concern is tulsa and dallas. tulsa received a half inch of rain it's been so dry, the ground can't absorb water. an area of rain for today coincides as an area of severe weather. two to three inches of rain redwood falls about an inch and a half minneapolis pick up about 0.75 of an inch. chris you're going to love this the northeast is absolutely gorgeous for today, yes, go play golf, tony if you want it will be this way at least for the next couple of days
8:06 am
temperatures are down about five to ten degrees since about wednesday. enjoy it. that man, it's a gorgeous morning. i said this before, i'll say it again, if the weather is this good with the baltimore grand prix happens, i've already made you the winner simone, you are welcome, you have to trust me. i hope the weather is this good. clear skies in the area, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning this time. a high of 85 today. humidity not a factor. just gorgeous. >> this weather report sponsored by expedia, the best travel tools are all in one place, where you book matters, expedia. >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. here's erica. >> mare meiy thanks. the traditional name for marines, leather neck dfl dog,
8:07 am
jr. head may not conjure up a woman. russ mitchell has her story. >> reporter: this is parris island south carolina. >> yes, sir, sir! >> reporter: as the sign makes clear on the way in here is where they make marines. and now, this marine factory has a new foreman. >> what i ask you to do is -- more correctly forewoman, brigadier general loretta reynolds. what was your reaction? >> there are times i wake up in the morning, am i really here at parris island? >> reporter: general reynolds took command of parris island june 17th and she's already made history as the first woman to lead the marine recruiting depot here. it's a distinction she acknowledges but won't dwell on. >> am i a trailblazer here at
8:08 am
the depot, yes i happen to be the first female. it will be the one for the history books and we'll move on. if a woman benefits from the things i've done that's great but i don't consider myself a pioneer. >> reporter: she may not think of herself as a pioneer but she is forging new ground. >> how much interaction do we have -- >> reynolds is one of only two female generals now active in the marine corps. >> is this the most challenging one are? >> at fix feet tall she cuts an impressive and potentially imposing figure but it's her stature as a leader that has earned her respect. 1986 graduate and former basketball player at the naval academy she is the first female marine to hold a command position in a battle zone in afghanistan. now not just to lead marines but create them sfwl. >> at the end of the day we push them to be more than they ever thought they could be.
8:09 am
>> reporter: pushed physically and mentally. >> you are pukes, the lowest form of life on earth. >> reporter: for many the enduring image of parris island comes from the film "full metal jacket." >> move it up! >> reporter: hollywood's version is not that far off. this is a tough place. as the july sun bakes parris island we join general reynolds as she observed her first cruise bell, a 54-hour test of strength endurance and teamwork that each recruit must pass before being called a united states marine. do you give me an idea of how tough it is to become a united states marine. >> it's the hardest we make it and we have it make it hard because the united states expects the united states marine corps to be its 911 force, to always be ready, to always do the right thing. >> reporter: par his eye rands graduates 20,000 marines every year, male recruits from east of
8:10 am
the mississippi and all female recruits come here. >> so i get the pleasure of watching it from the very beginning until the day that they march across that parade deck friday morning as young marines. it's an honor, it's a blessing it's a tremendous responsibility, and i'm going to work hard every day to take good care of this depot and the marines here. >> reporter: it's a promise these future marines and all of the nation's busy servicemen and women around the world are counting on. russ mitchell cbs news, parris island, south carolina. just ahead on "the early show," did budget cutbacks in one school district lead to the death of a 10-year-old student? we'll look at the growing shortage of school nurses and a look at how parents can protect their children. this is "the early show" on cbs. n a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine.
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] say hello to the new mango pineapple real fruit smoothies from mccafé, bursting with fresh flavors and blended with creamy low-fat yogurt. the simple joy of exotic refreshment. ♪ ♪ ñç in this morning's "healthwatch," school nurses
8:14 am
when many of us were growing up there was always one on the premises. with the budget cutbacks that's no longer the case. one family says that's what led to their tragedy as priya david clemens reports. >> reporter: in tacoma washington, 10-year-old mercedes mears took the bus with her cysters. >> she left the school 8:05 8:06 in the morning she was fine. the next thing i knew i got a phone call mercedes had an asthma attack. we called the emts. >> reporter: the family says even though the school had a plan of action and an epipen in case of an emergency, mercedes didn't get her medication or even cpr. school officials did call an ambulance but it was too late. mercedes died in a hospital that morning. >> no cpr, no care plan nothing. >> reporter: there were only 11 full time nurses to cover more
8:15 am
than 18,000 students in the bethel school district. this isn't just a problem in washington state. nationwide there's no standard for school health care. >> if you live in vermont, one school nurse for 300 students, if you live in michigan, one school nurse to just under 5,000 students. so there is a great range of what children are receiving in the united states for school health services. >> reporter: and as schools suffer budget cuts school nurses are becoming scarce. >> it's not the shortage of nurses. it's a shortage of funded positions. school districts need to make that a priority need to have a funded position available for a school nurse to be in the building. >> reporter: mercedes school acknowledges they could use more funding and more help. >> certainly i think every school district could use more nurses. oftentimes a matter of funding and finding personnel to staff those positions. >> reporter: jeannette mears says the lack of the school nurse not only contributed to
8:16 am
her daughter's death but killed the heartbeat of her family. >> the damage is done it's done and i don't see it as being repairable. >> reporter: priya david clemens, cbs news tacoma washington. >> the mears family filed a lawsuit against the district seeking $15 million in damages. joining us from washington amy garcia of the american nurses association. good morning to you. good to have you with us. >> good morning to you. >> we see a case like mercedes mears. on a national scale how often are we seeing cases like this happening with the shortage of nurses in schools? >> it happens way too often. parents should be able to send their child to school and know they'll come home unharmed or actually come home and on a shortage of nurses i would say that in schools, it's a shortage of funded positions for nurses. there's typically not a problem filling them when there is a funded position. >> so this is basically you're
8:17 am
saying the school districts need to appropriate more funds so you can have nurses on hand at the school. i just want to throw one number out there. as of 2010 more than 50% of public schools across the u.s. do not have a full time registered nurse 25% of schools have no nurse at all. you think it's a financial thing, why isn't it getting more attention? why are school districts not doing more? >> you know what's fascinating to me is that parents in vermont have prioritized this and parents in other places have not necessarily raised their voices. the state of washington where mercedes and her family lived, there was one nurse per roughly 2,031 kids. it's just egregious, and parents should be asking is there a nurse in my school? will there be somebody to take care, because what happens is schools say well it's not a big deal, our school secretary or a
8:18 am
paraeducator can do this but there is value in actually being a registered nurse, because registered nurses know how to assess the kids plan for their care, how to treat and how to respond to an emergency. >> aim yeamy garcia thank you for your time. we appreciate you speaking to us this morning. carmageddon, what it is and how we're reacting to it. zbl>> visit fiber to learn more. to stay healthy. but did you know fiber choice can help support your overall well-being? every tasty tablet has prebiotic fiber from fruits and veggies... that lets your good bacteria thrive and helps support your immune system. fiber choice. an easy way to defend your
8:19 am
health everyday. learn more about prebiotics and get a free sample at
8:20 am
have you heard of carmageddon, oh it's out there, on the lips of nearly everyone in southern california these days. it may not exactly be the end of the world as we know it but for a lot of folks this week's planned shutdown of a major l.a.
8:21 am
freeway could mean a traffic nightmare. bill whitaker has more. >> reporter: this is how the 405 dubbed the nation's busiest freeway usually looks, 500,000 cars travel ten miles linking west los angeles to the highly populated san fernando valley. because this stretch is so heavily traveled it needs to be widened, and to be widened, it needs to be completely shut down. >> even if we get the message out to half the people it means 250,000 people are trying to use that road. >> reporter: from friday night to monday morning traffic could be backed up for as much as 64 miles as thousands of commuter twhos rely on the freeway find other ways to get around. los angeles residents have a word for what's to come carmageddon. even actor eric estrada is getting the word out. >> avoid the area or just stay home. >> reporter: this doctor at a
8:22 am
nearby ucla hospital knows where he'll be spending the weekend. >> staying in my office. i'm sleeping here. >> reporter: and the hospital support staff will also be roughing it, sleeping on cots in a nearby not yet occupied medical office tower. >> i'll be staying here for four days. it's going to be like a vacation. >> reporter: still many are capitalizing on the expected catastrophe. >> thought poke fun at it make a little money along the way. >> reporter: the freeway might be empty and the skies might be full. for $4 jetblue will fly you over the mess and 400 bucks a local helicopter company will give you and a friend a birds eye view. >> booked about 15 tours so far, expecting anywhere from 80 to 100. >> reporter: the last time los angeles warned to expect this level of gridlock was during the 1984 olympics so many people were scared off the roads traffic was a breeze maybe this happy history will repeat itself
8:23 am
and this time will be calmaged calmageddon instead. >> calmageddon. it is fun to talk about. another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. [ child's
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i won't say good-bye. >> after 25 years as the queen of daytime television oprah winfrey finds herself in an unaccustomed spot so she's taken up the management reins herself
8:31 am
and what a challenge she faces. welcome back to "the early show," i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. also ahead a new movie takes you inside the world of the real life horse whisperer, buck brennaman. the man and the horses he loves. the new harry potter movie hits theater. it's popular not only with just kids. why adults, the adult sitting next to me has both hands in the air. >> woo! >> brands parents and children together. >> the underdog go harry. >> widely successful books and movies. jeff glor is a huge harry potter man as well. >> was that an official harry potter roof raising? >> she raised the hogwart roof. >> love it. >> could i be more lame? >> good stuff. love it.
8:32 am
white house debt negotiations resume following a tense two-hour meeting last night, the two sides are divided even with what the president said. eric cantor insisted the president stormed out of the room. democrats said that is not so. moody's is reviewing the country's rating. about 421,000 homes were taken back by lenders between january and june that's down 30% from the same period last year. mostly due to slow processing at the banks. sarah palin says she could support someone else for president, but so far none of the republican candidates measures up, she says. during an interview last night palin said she'll announce her own intentions by august. >> i'm still thinking about being one who would offer myself up in the name of service knowing confidently that i have those common sense fiscally
8:33 am
conservative pro private sector policy experience and ideas that can be put to good work for this country. >> palin said again she thinks she can beat president obama. take a look football fans in minneapolis are happy about inflation, not the ticket prices. the metro roof was reinflated again yesterday, took about 20 seconds, i should say 45 minutes it took, significantly more. heavy snow collapsed the dome last december but it's back now and hopefully football will be as well. 33 minutes past the hour. marysol castro has our final check of weather. mary, good morning. >> good morning, jeff. good morning, everyone at home. we turn our focus to the west coast feeling more like may than july. the jet stream is dipped way down by mexico so the temperatures feeling a little bit cool. 83 in redding, 84 in fresno. 69 in san diego. reno is 9, well below normal
8:34 am
just in time for carmageddon. we're looking at the area of severe weather, the third day in a row of severe weather for the northern rockies. the areas we're looking at billings and bismarck there is a slight chance of a tornado, but again we're looking at about golf sized ball -- golf ball sized hail about two to three inches of rain, and again the southern plains continues to be the area of concern in terms of heat, hazy hot and humid, tulsa 100, dallas 103. by the way, july 1st was the only day that dallas did not see triple digit heat. this is really just the beginning. the warmth will last this way through next week. right now 12 states with some sort of heat advisory for wa across the nation. now a look at what's happening outside your window. good morning. a great day to start, temperatures in the he 70s. forecast going for a high of 85 and normal is 88 degrees. living big here. not as hot, lower humidity in
8:35 am
as many days, tonight, clear skies a lot of us in the 50s. tomorrow 85 degrees sunny, come, roll out the five-day just as nice through the weekend. doesn't get stuffy until next monday and tuesday when we get thanks so much. here's chris. >> thank you so much. big news this morning from oprah winfrey who bowed out as the star of daytime television to start her own cable network preponderatings are disappoint so long oprah is taking charge in a hands on way. cynthia bowers has more. >> reporter: 25 years seemed oprah could do no belong. everything the daytime tv host touched turned to gold. she catapulted the careers of tv personalities dr. phil rachael ray and dr. oz. >> she's the queen of daytime television, unquestionably to
8:36 am
this day she gets more numbers than just about anybody else on television. >> reporter: when oprah announced she'd leave the security of day tame daytime tv her midas touch is looking tarnished. own averages 6,000 viewer, a mere 12,000 more than discovery health the network own replaced. >> cable television is not afternoon television it's not broadcast television. the numbers of people the numbers of channels that the own channel is competing against is huge. >> reporter: so oprah is making a move wednesday she announced she's taking the helm in effect appointing herself boss. ceo and chief creative officer of the struggling network. in a memo to her staff oprah says "we are in this boat together, in a very real way now, and i will put my brand and my future on the line because i know this one team is the boat i want to be in."
8:37 am
the plans to include oprah in his upcoming 50th birthday celebration and there's speculation she may host next february's oscars which proves her star power hasn't dimmed but whether she can survive the crowded and increasingly competitive world of cable remains to be seen. cynthia bowers cbs news chicago. >> now here's erica. he's been called the zen master of the horse world. buck brennaman is known as the true life horse whisperer. katrina szish is here to tell us all about it. nice to see you. >> nice to see you too. this documentary takes you into the world of bruk brennaman and his amazeing way with horses. >> i don't know if i would have made it without horses. i don't know. i hate to think of it. everything you do with a horse is a dance.
8:38 am
>> reporter: buck brennaman has been called a sage on horseback, sharing his wisdom at horse training clinics across the country. his near magical methods provided real life inspiration for the novel and film "the horse whisperer." >> it's not like a take a hold of a horse's ear like it's an old-fashioned telephone and speak into it but the communication with the horse really is your body language your presence. that's why a lot of people don't get along too good with horses because they underestimate how much he is really taking in how much he's aware of. >> reporter: instead of using traditional methods to break a horse with whips, ropes and fear buck believes in creating a relationship with respect and instinct. >> one of the biggest challenges of a horseman is to to be able to control your emotions. >> reporter: a philosophy forged from a violent childhood at the hands of his abusive childhood.
8:39 am
>> just to glance at him across the room might provoke him into coming and beating you up. the horses when i first went to live with my foster parents, were my refuge that's where i went to hide. one thing i started off with was an empathy for the horse, and then as my understanding grew with the horses then i started to learn how to help them. a lot of times, rather than helping people with horse problems i'm helping horses with people problems. >> reporter: that desire to help led him to train other horse owners. it was at one of his clinics that artist cindy neal became a buck convert. >> i'd been riding horses all my life and never seen it this way. it seems like mental telepathy, the horse is reading his thoughts. he established this language so beautiful and yet simplistic and we can all do it. >> every movement you make on a horse, there is a perfect position of balance.
8:40 am
>> reporter: cindy was so inspired she wanted to make a documentary about buck and his method, despite having no film experience. >> i went up to him and i asked him and i thought well if he says no, i'm off the hook. >> i had said no many times over the years about people who wanted to document what i do, and she just have just caught me at the right time and i said "well, go ahead." >> reporter: what cindy captured in her directorial debut "buck" won over many who have never had a horse encounter. >> i don't know what you're trying to prove. >> reporter: with lessons more often about humans than horses. >> if you got a lot going on in your life, probably a lot it's a lot bigger story than this horse. >> he sneaks in all these life lessons when he's talking about horses. it's really a metaphor for people. >> sound fair? >> look at buck's life and his transformation and realize that it doesn't matter what's happened in your past that you,
8:41 am
too, can leave that baggage behind and start today, and do whatever you want. >> it will make you better in areas you didn't think related to horses. >> reporter: what you learned from buck did that completely change your relationship with your horses? >> totally, totally. there you go. there's a new respect that we have. they're just so with you. it's such a different feeling. there's no pulling, yanking, you know. it's just, it's a dance. it's a glide. >> reporter: such is the legacy buck hopes to leave to the equestrian community. what do you love most about what you do? >> there's been a lot of horses over the years where people would say just so you know this is our last stop. all i know is if it doesn't work they're done and thousands and thousands of horses over the years have ended up living a long life with the person once they understood each other. everybody wins.
8:42 am
>> reporter: it's such a beautiful sentiment to see he was born out of this abusive childhood, such a great message applies to dogs and children. is he traveling around doing clinics? >> travels nine months out of the year constantly on the road. this is his life isn't something he does just for the cameras. >> does he travel himself? seems soft spoken a fairly private guy. is he does he keep to himself or have other folks that help him out and go with him? >> he spends time with the people at his clinics but a family man. his wife and daughters are such a major part of his life as is his foster mother, betsy shirley and incredible. >> beautiful film. >> wonderful piece. >> katrina thanks. here's chris. thank you, the final installment of the harry potter series hits theaters tomorrow. the series has plenty of fans among grownups. michelle miller has more on the
8:43 am
multigenerational appeal of the boy wizard. >> our world has faced no greater threat than it does today. >> reporter: few works of children's fiction make it to the big screen even fewer manage to cross that generational divide. >> there hasn't been a single harry potter movie that let me down. >> reporter: as far as sun moon and his daughter remi are concerned -- >> harry potter! >> i got hooked on it and couldn't stop. >> reporter: harry potter has worked wonders on their relationship. did it bring you and your daughter closer? >> i think it did. >> yeah it did, i think so. i think so yes. >> we had a lot of talks about it. >> oh, yeah all the time. >> reporter: though they don't always agree. >> did you like snakes? >> at first i didn't like him at all. i thought he was creepy. >> j.k. rowling voted this world
8:44 am
simultaneously captive to children and adults. >> i liked magic when i was young and i guess i still like magic. >> a grown man would love this series because a, he's still a child at heart but they have all sorts of things that are sophisticated that a child can sort of understand but an adult can understand more fully. >> you're a really good teacher harry. >> i'm supposed to enjoy harry potter because of my children but in fact i do personally really enjoy reading and watching the movie. i admit it. >> reporter: and waiting for each chapter to unfold in real time is part of the thrill that moon fears will be lost when the final film opens at midnight. >> every summer every year we would talk about it. there was always anticipation. >> reporter: and there lies the question, will the next generation of potter fans feel the same magic? >> the books are a masterpiece of fiction writing and people will come back to these for generations to come.
8:45 am
>> reporter: moon's not so sure but remains confident the final chapter of the story he shared with his daughter for most of her life won't disappoint. >> the last one's going to be spectacular. >> i want the whole harry potter to go out with like a bang. >> reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> i think it's great that your husband has offered while you're here to camp out and get the tickets. >> it's really nice, isn't it? he's a good egg. >> i saw the setup yesterday, great, the hibachi. tell me how it is. >> the sleeping bag you lent him, thanks. just ahead an alarming prediction california's vineyards may shrink by half in the next decade. global warming may have wine maccers
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ red, red wine ♪ a new study suggests the changing climate may drastically effect some of the world's great wine producing regions. famous labels of wines based in california may be replaced by england. >> reporter: the vineyards of sunny california are known for their top quality cabernets and chardonnays which may explain why the people whoa make wine are not known for their modesty. >> we're perceived as the best rightfully so. >> reporter: others say the great wines come from europe. >> burgundy bordeaux and champagne. >> reporter: climate change may be changing the places that produce fine wine says wine
8:49 am
writer tim atkin. >> certain wine regions in france and spain and italy which historically produce wines are going to be effectively desert. >> reporter: there are now award winning vineyards in england never before known as a wine region. >> you may find entire world of wine shifting northward. >> reporter: in america, temperatures in the napa valley could rise by two degrees in the next 30 years, according to a new study by stanford university. >> this could be damaging to the delicate balances that are so important for making the best wine. >> reporter: diffenbach calculates 50% of napa's vineyards may no longer be able to produce wine. it is a chilling perception. >> it sounds good on paper. i don't think it's reality. >> reporter: because honig says napa is preparing for climate change. you're not global warming
8:50 am
deniers. >> not at all. we know the world is changing. >> reporter: they are now powered by solar energy cutting down betweenhouse gas footprint. >> if it gets warmer this helps with that problem. >> reporter: growers are developing ways to plant and prune vines so deal with days that may heat up fast. >> we've opened up the cool morning side so we can get sunlight and freckled light but on the afternoon side we've kept it nice and shaded so the fruit doesn't get burned. >> reporter: this grower figures napa wines are so valuable wineries will find answers to global warming. >> we can afford to do anything we need to do to get these things right because we have the money. >> people are creative and ingenious dealing with different environments. noah says while hotter weather presents challenges they can start working on ways to adapt.
8:51 am
andy is confident he'll be able to keep growing exactly what he grows now. he thinks climate change could make his grapes better if the nights aren't so cold. >> this global warming is getting warmer at night, which might mean we get more flavor development, so there is a chance for a silver lining here. >> reporter: napa's wine makers never like to see a glasses ahalf empty but half full. the prospect of global warming can't destroy their sunny opt mifl. john blackstone in napa valley. >> what is interesting he didn't send us samples. >> he was there for three more days after that shoot. not to make light of global warming but that is reason alone to head it off. you don't want anything to happen in napa valley. >> have a great day. see you tomorrow.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
five minutes before 9:00. continues to be a gorgeous get up and go. >> let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast for the day. it's going to be a good one, going for a high of 85 degrees. . a little bit lower humidity. there is an understatement. a gorgeous late springlike day. tonight 60, a clear moon-hit sky. tomorrow much like today. we roll out the five-day. still pleasant through the weekend temperatures where they should with, in the upper 80s. don? thank you. new information coming to height about the abduction of an 8-year-old earlier this
8:56 am
week. we know how one of the alleged kidnappers was found. andreuia fujiki has the story. >> don, investigators say they used a cell phone to track down one of the suspects. on monday derek brown was snatched outside his home overnight. charging documents show nathaniel booker used his phone to make a ransom call, and police tracked the sitting there will to his home, and swat teams moved in. the documents mention rahim taylor was likely the mastermind behind the scheme. the boy was found tuesday morning after a neighbor spotted him. back to you. thank you very much. an accident in northeast baltimore city claimed the life of a young child. happened last night in the 2755 block of the alameda. a two-year-old thrown from the car when it crashed into a tree. a second child and adult being treated at the hospital. the accident itself is still under investigation. a pasadena man behind bars this morning charge with murdering his wife.
8:57 am
police believe steven sabbath stabbed his wife jail during a fight. she later died at the hospital. their daughter was injured trying to break up the fight we're told. a suspected hate crime under investigation. twenty people woke up yesterday to find their cars van hised in silver spring. tires were slashed and graffiti. awful phrases were spray- painted on the cars and street signs in the neighborhood. damage estimated at $20,000. if the vandals are caught and convicted they face up to 20 years in prison. a woman facing bribery and murder charges have been cheered again. the high court has upheld a home run court dismissing the charges. fulton had been charged with ill lowly accepting campaign donations in exchange for votes on tax breaks for a local developer. new lights be burning brightly at the lincecum bright rail station. they were installed after several people living in the area asked for increased security after an attack on a
8:58 am
man there in februy. along with the new lights additional surveillance cameras have been installed. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station, complete news and first alert weather at noon. we leave you with a live look at the inner harbor. a very nice day taking shape, and should be here all day [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. want extra savings? call now and we'll add over 60 premium channels including showtime, stars, epix and more for 12 months. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it delivers superior picture quality the best channel lineup, more hd, plus america's fastest most consistent and most reliable internet.
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